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Nepro LP (Lower Protein)

" You can now buy this online! Nepro LP (220ml)  Complete renal nutrition fo..

S$129.00 Ex Tax: S$129.00

Nepro Milk HP (Higher Protein)

" You can now buy this online!   Nepro HP (220ml)  Complete re..

S$129.00 Ex Tax: S$129.00

Nestle Alfare Milk Powder 400GM Pre-Order

Nestle Alfare Milk Powder 400GM

Alfaré® is a PBS listed extensively hydrolysed 100% whey protein infant formula for infants with mil..

S$41.00 Ex Tax: S$41.00

Nipro Syringe 10 mL

Features: Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic No needle 10 mL ..

S$0.40 Ex Tax: S$0.40

Novasource Renal 237ml (CTN) Pre-Order

Novasource Renal 237ml (CTN)

A Medical food with a protein, vitamin and mineral profile specifically formulated for dialysis pati..

S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

Nutren Diabetes Vanilla 237ML Pre-Order

Nutren Diabetes Vanilla 237ML

Nutren Diabetes Liquid is a nutritionally balanced diet specially formulated for the dietary managem..

S$78.00 Ex Tax: S$78.00

Nutren Junior Powder 400GM

Nutren Junior is a nutritionally complete diet for oral use or tube feeding for the dietary manageme..

S$15.00 Ex Tax: S$15.00

Peptamen Junior Powder 400GM

Peptamen Junior is a nutritionally balanced,peptide based enteral formula for children aged 1-10 yea..

S$38.50 Ex Tax: S$38.50

ProPass Protein - 213 gm

Feature:Concentrated, high density, high quality protein supplement powderCan be added to any type o..

S$13.80 Ex Tax: S$13.80

Pulmocare Liquid

" You can buy this online now!!! Description: COPD Feature: Therapeutic ..

S$80.40 Ex Tax: S$80.40

Resource 2.0 237ML Pre-Order

Resource 2.0 237ML

Resource 2.0 is a great tasting nutrient dense supplement that is formulated for the dietarymanageme..

S$91.20 Ex Tax: S$91.20

Resource Clear Beverage 237ML Pre-Order

Resource Clear Beverage 237ML

RESOURCE® Fruit Flavoured Beverage is a 1.05 kcal/mL fruit flavoured supplement. It offers a refresh..

S$69.60 Ex Tax: S$69.60

Resource Plus 237ML

RESOURCE® Plus is a nutritionally-complete liquid formula, high in calorie, suitable for oral and tu..

S$69.60 Ex Tax: S$69.60

Resource ThickenUp - 125g

" You can now buy this online! Product Description: RESOURCE ThickenUp is an instant fo..

S$17.00 Ex Tax: S$17.00


Product Information:BIBS - RT DISPOSABLE 37CM X 50CM - 100S PACK..

S$18.00 Ex Tax: S$18.00