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Abdomen, thoracic & pelvic

Abdomen, thoracic & pelvic
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SafeHip AirX Unisex Closed - (pc)

Product Description: The AirX model hip protector pants ensure optimum protection at the maxim..

S$129.00 Ex Tax: S$129.00

SafeHip AirX Unisex Open - (pc)

Product Description: The Open model offers protection for people suffering from heavy urine an..

S$129.00 Ex Tax: S$129.00

Softguards Elastic Abdominal Binder -64%

Softguards Elastic Abdominal Binder

Features: Support a sagging abdomen and help return organs to normal position Relie..

S$28.00 S$10.00 Ex Tax: S$10.00