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Movement & Balance

Movement & Balance

Development of Movement Balance and Gross Motor skills can be incorporated into play time, and our excellent range offers lots of different ways to have fun whilst learning. Having the right Movement and Balance Sensory Equipment can help to hone and grow vital life skills and help vastly improve quality of life.

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Bridge and Island Pre-Order

Bridge and Island

Combine with River, bridge and island make a greater challenge to the course. Children can balance a..

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Hilltops Pre-Order


Inspire children to jump around a room with these five hilltops, all in varying heights. Each piece ..

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Multi-coloured Parachute Pre-Order

Multi-coloured Parachute

A great way to develop social interaction, communication skills and teamworking, this multicolored p..

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River Stones Pre-Order

River Stones

Create your very own river stepping stones with these colourful triangular blocks. Make paths as cha..

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Tactile Discs Pre-Order

Tactile Discs

Tactile Discs are made of an inviting material that challenges childrens’ sense of touch on both han..

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The River Pre-Order

The River

It facilitates a fun and flexible developmental activity. Comprising a total of six brightly colored..

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