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Tena Underpad - 60x40cm (24"x16") - (pkt)

Product Information:

Tena Underpad is designed to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odours and maintain dryness.  They consist of a polyethylene layer combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection.  The highly absorbent material is evenly distributed throughout the core.

Tena Underpad uses 100% virgin fluff pulp, which provides far greater levels of absorption and retention than draw-sheets or wadding-filled pads.  Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and absorbencies.


Packaging:  15 pcs per bag
Size:  60 x 40 cm

Tena Underpad - 60x40cm (24"x16") - (pkt)

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Model Tena Underpad
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