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Conveen Night Urine Bag - 1500 ml


  • Outlet valve easy to manage even with impaired dexterity
  • Easy to see whether valve open or closed
  • Flexible tubing
  • Non-return valve designed to prevent backflow of urine

Suitable for night-time use for the collection of urine from indwelling catheters or incontinence sheats.  They are used in conjunction with a bag hanger.  The bag has a 1500 ml capacity and suspending holes at the top of the bag to allow it to be hung on a stand.  The outlet valve is safe to use because the end-users can see.

The drainage bags have a life-in-use of, on average 5-7 days


Model:  5062
Conveen Night Urine Bag

1500 ml
Tube Length:
100 cm








Conveen Night Urine Bag - 1500 ml

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