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Ensure Plus (Raspberry)

Ensure Plus Raspberry 200ml

Complete, balanced nutrition with high caloric density to meet increased nutritional requirements.

(Available also in Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry and Strawberry flavours)

Ensure Plus can benefit:

  • Cancer patients
  • Those with neurological disorders
  • Those who has dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
  • Pre-operative undernourished patients
  • Post-operative patients
  • Elderly with limited food intake
  • To supplement individuals with increased metabolic demands (eg. Sportsmen/sportswomen, fever, burns, etc)

Features of Ensure Plus:

  • 1.5 Cal/ml, providing more nutrition in less volume
  • Provides high-quality protein to support tissue building and maintenance
  • Lactose Free and Gluten Free
  • Ready to use

Ensure Plus (Raspberry)

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