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Kangaroo Feeding Tubes - 12F


  • For nasocentric feeding
  • Constructed of biocompatible urethane material for maximum patient comfort and safety
  • Fully radiopaque to permit confirmation of tube placement by x-ray
  • Stylet is preseated so will not exit a feeding port and may remain in position during routine procedures.
  • Y-port connector has 2 openings to eliminate the need to disconnect feeding set
  • Patended open-end bolus resists kinking and is blunt-tipped for additional patient safety
  • Medical -Grade Polyurethane
  • Radiopaque and Sterile
  • Water-Activated Lubricant
  • Non-DEHP / Non-Latex
  • Length: 91 cm

Kangaroo Feeding Tubes - 12F

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Model Kangaroo Feeding Tubes - 12F
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