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Carilex ENTRIX Air Mattress - 5"

Entrix by Carilex

An integrated pressure monitoring air mattress overlay system that offers a combination of alternating and static features for low to medium risk patients and ideal for both community and care home environments. A cost effective pressure reduction solution comes complete with air mattress pump.


Power Unit

· Dynamic/Static modes - offer both dynamic and static functions to meet individual patients needs
· Adjustable weight - selectable weight setting to ensure optimal pressure relief
· Internal pressure monitoring - an integrated electronic pressure sensor which monitors the mattress internal pressure 24 house a day to achieve optimal internal pressure and ensure maximum pressure relief
· Low pressure alert - both audible and visible alarms to notify medical staff when pressure sensor detects an abnormal drop in system` internal pressure or power failure occur

Pressure Relief Mattress Overlay

· Sixteen 5 inch tall air cells - offers pressure relief and therapy for patents sensitive tissues
· Rapid deflation technology (CPR) - deflates the entire mattress within seconds in case of emergency
· Micro-ventilated air cells - allow for great air circulation and optimal patent temperature regulation from shoulder to waist
· Quick release coupling for fast patient transferring and provides and easy connection between power unit and mattress
· Weight capacity - patients up to 150kg
· Two way stretch coverlet - washable fully waterproof whilst providing excellent moisture permeability



            Individual Model No:

                    Power Control Unit – SR366

                    Mattress : SR203 – Standard

                                      SR203 – Narrow

                    Coverlet – SR604 

               Manufacturer:  Carilex

               Entrix Air Mattress - 5"

   Power Unit:  ABS fire retardant UL
   Mattress Cell: 

100% Nylon with TPU lamination

   Mattress Coverlet:  

100% Nylon with PU backing

   Mattress Type : 

Cell Tube

   Dimension (cm)

   Standard Size : 

200 x 90 cm


13 cm (5.11 inches)


100% Nylon with TPU lamination 

    No. of Cells: 

18 Cells

    Micro Ventilated Air Cells : 




29.5 x 22.5 x 12 cm


AC100-120V / 50-60 Hz, or AC200-240V / 50Hz


2.5 kg

    Cycle Time:

10 min

    Alarm Mode:

Low Pressure alarm

    Quick Release Coupling:                                                            


    Working Surrounding:

20~40 °C

    5 sections for Patient's:

(30/60/90/120/150 kgs) for Patient's Weight


This power unit is not AP /APG protected.

(without options)

** Bed not included


Carilex ENTRIX Air Mattress - 5"

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