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Easy-Move Evacuation Chair

Product Description:

An assistive device designed for people with difficulties moving around especially when evacuating from disaster.  It is designed to guarantee safe evacuation of the disabled and elderly persons in case of fire or any emergency easily and speedily down the stairs.


  • Requires no batteries or electricity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Track adjusts to various angle of stairs
  • Adjustable height of the grip
  • Front castors with brakes
  • Foldable footrest with safety belt
  • Equipped with safety belts for lap, the trunk and the head
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Equipped with rubber tension-belt to facilitate safe and easy going down the stairs


Model:  Easy-Move Evacuation Chair
Easy-Move Evacuation Chair

Product Weight 11.5 kg
Depth (folding) 17 cm
Length 80 cm
Height 115 ~ 142 cm
Depth 58 cm
Length of backboard 42 ~ 56 cm
Length of armrest 27 cm
Maximum working weight 150 kg


Easy-Move Evacuation Chair

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Model Easy-Move
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