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The TRAM is a transfer and mobility device. For transfer is enables a qualified caregiver to lift a client in the seated posture and transfer the client between wheelchairs, chairs, toilets, beds or therapy tables. As a mobility device it helps a caregiver raise a client to a standing position, and then provides support for standing or ambulation.


Model:  DK310
rifton TRAM

Overall length 45.5 inches/116 cm
Overall width 27.5 inches/70 cm
Overall height 43.5 inches (min.) - 58 inches (max.)
/ 110 cm (min.) - 147 cm (max.)
Weight 70 lbs/32 kg
Turning diameter 50 inches/127kg
Floor to top of base leg 6.89 inches/17.5 cm
Min. user armpit height
(when standing or ambulating)
30.5 inches/77 cm
Max.user height
(when standing or ambulating)
76 inches/193 cm
Max.working load 350 lbs/160 kg


Important: User's weight and height must not exceed:
maximum height: 76 inches/193 cm, maximum weight: 350 lbs/ 160 kg

Rifton TRAM

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Model DK310
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