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New Casa Hoist


  • Easy maneuverability and access due to four castors and wide leg width adjustment
  • Lightweight frame is easy to move into position, allowing the user to achieve a lower lifting position from the floor
  • Compact for easy access through domestic doorways
  • High lifting range and safe working load for greater versatility and maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic, user friendly handset features patient lifting symbols for easy identification, as well as recessed buttons to reduce the chance of unintended operation if the handset is dropped
  • Handset features a magnetic back, making it easy to secure to the hoist for added safety
  • Actuator features emergency lowering function, which is easier to control than a traditional quick release actuator and harder to misuse
  • Exchangeable cable which allows for cable damage to be rectified by replacing just the cable, rather than the whole actuator
  • Control box features emergency stop and lowering functions, as well as an acoustic low battery alarm which emits an alert at 50% battery level
  • Easily dismantled for transportation and storage
  • All components are interchangeable
  • Comes with sling

Model: 58/5810

Lifting Range:

18.5" - 72" (47 – 183 cm)

Overall Height:

72” (183 cm)


Overall Length:

45" (115 cm)


35 kg


Open Width:

46" (116 cm)

Closed Width:

23" (59 cm)


Max Weight Capacity:

180 kg


1 year


Casa Hoist

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Model 58/5810
Brand Drive Medical
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