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Sunlift Midi - Hoist


  • Exceptional rigidity due to advanced design of all moving connections, eliminating play with the hoist fully loaded
  • Actuators incorporate double security button, light indicator of the battery charge level and acoustic warning before total discharge happens
  • Battery capacity of 2.9 Amph provides a range of use at 50% higher than usual, allowing 60 double uses (up and down)


Model:  Sunlift Midi - Hoist

Safe Working Load150 kg
Max Total Length
(with wheels facing outwards)
1,215 mm
Min Total Length
(with wheels facing inwards)
1,155 mm
Max Width with Legs Closed665 mm
Max Height (without load and boom extended)1,930 mm
Max Height (without load and boom folded)1,255 mm
Max Spreader Bar Height
(without load and boom extended)
1,680 mm
Min Spreader Bar Height
(without load)
450 mm
Turning Radius with Legs Open1,380 mm
Legs Open:
  Max Width (external)
  Min Width (internal)

1,205 mm
1,120 mm
Legs Closed:
  Max Width (external)
  Max Width (internal)

625 mm
545 mm
Total Leg Height100 mm
Ground Clearance20 mm
Castor Wheels75 mm
Rear Wheels100 mm
Mast, boom and electric components assembly weight19.3 kg
Base Asembly Weight15.1 kg
Batteries Weight2.9 kg

Instructions for quicklift sling

For a sitting position

Fig. 1

 Ensure that the straps face outward. Pull the sling down over the user’s back until the top of the toilet seat opening is at the small of the back.

 Check that the sling is aligned properly at shoulder  height.

Fig. 2

  Lift the patient’s leg and slip the strap under it and pull it up between their legs, ensuring that the sling is not creased under the thigh. Repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Fig. 3

  Cross the straps over the legs and attach them to the front hooks on the hoist spreader bar.

Fig. 4

  Raise the hoist slightly and attach the shorter, shoulder straps to the spreader bar. Move the hoist towards the patient while doing this.



For a lying position

Fig. 5

  Roll the patient over onto the sling, ensuring that the top of the toilet seat opening is at the small of the back.

Fig. 6

  Cross the straps under the patient’s legs and fit the sling as indicated for the sitting position, keeping the shoulder straps as short as possible.

Sunlift Midi - Hoist

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