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Pre-Order Bodypoint - Anterior Trunk Support - Standard Stayflex (w/o Zipper)
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Trunk support is essential for good respiration, head positioning and functional reach with stability

The patented design of Bodypoint® Stayflex™ includes a stabilizing lower panel to limit stretching and riding up.  The proprietary elastic pad material allows a comfortable, controlled amount of stretch.  Plus, the lower quick-release swivel buckles self-adjust to the line of tension for proper fit and replacement


  • Proprietary elastic pad material offers controlled stretch for dynamic movement
  • Rear-pull attachment is ideal for use with thicker backrests or when you want the buckle or adjustment away fromt he user
  • Stabilizing lower panel limits stretching and riding up to reduce choking hazard


Model:  SH311
Standard Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support - Front Pull without Zipper

Extra Small 9½" - 11" (24-28cm)
Small 11 - 13" (23-33cm)
Medium 13 - 16" (33-41cm)
Large 16 - 19" (41-48cm)
Extra Large 19 - 22" (48-56cm)

Bodypoint - Anterior Trunk Support - Standard Stayflex (w/o Zipper)

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Model SH311
Brand Bodypoint
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