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ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Single Compartment Cushion

The tall, 4.25 in. (10.5 cm) individual cells envelop you in air to redistribute pressure and decrease friction and shear. With a simple inflation adjustment, your ROHO will fit your exact shape to minimize tissue deformation and maximize blood flow.


  • Pressure injury prevention and treatment
  • Positioning
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Washable

ROHO® evidence shows the ROHO HIGH PROFILE Single Compartment Cushion is ideal for people who:

• Currently have, have a history of or are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any category/stage pressure injury (including deep
   tissue injury)

• Require accommodation or correction of pelvic asymmetry, approx. 3 in. (7.5 cm)

• Need skin protection, maximum immersion and envelopment

• Have normal or impaired sensation

• Have a history or at risk of skin/soft tissue breakdown


Width: 11.5 in. to 26.75 in. / 29 cm to 68 cm

Depth: 11.5 in to 20 in. /  29 cm to 50.5 cm

Height: 4.25 in. / 10.5 cm

Weight: Approx. 3.25 lbs. / 1.5 kg 

Weight limit

No weight limit.  However, the cushion  must be properly sized to  the individual.

Limited warranty

Cushion: 24 months

Cover: 6 months

ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Single Compartment Cushion

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