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3M Coban Two-Layer Lite Compression System (1-4")
Product Details
  • Comfortable – Provides sustained therapeutic compression for up to 7 days
  • Stays in place – Clinically proven to significantly reduce slippage, to encourage longer wear
  • Provides consistent compression – The compression layer is designed to be applied at full stretch, reducing application variability
  • Enables a more normal lifestyle – The thin, lightweight, breathable sleeve allows patients to wear their own shoes, so they can return to their regular daily activities
  • Easy to use – Application is fast, and easy to teach and learn.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Engineered with Intelligent Compression Dynamics to stay in place and deliver comfortable, effective, therapeutic compression for venous leg ulcers and other conditions requiring compression

3M™ Coban™ 2 Layer Lite Compression System (Cat #2794) is specifically designed for patients less tolerant of compression therapy, including those who have mixed etiology with an APBI greater than
or equal to 0.5, are new to compression where tolerance is not known, or who are frail or less mobile. Coban 2 Layer Lite System provides the same effective compression
as Coban 2 Layer Compression system with a 25% reduced resting pressure. Each system is supplied as a kit that includes two rolls: a Comfort Layer roll and a Compression Layer roll.

Suggested Applications
  • For management of venous leg ulcers, edema, lymphedema and other clinical conditions where compression is appropriate
  • Coban 2 Compression System may be used for patients with an ABPI greater than or equal to 0.8

Size: 1-4" x 2.9 yrds (unstretched)/ 2-4" x 5.1 yrds (fully stretched)

3M Coban Two-Layer Lite Compression System (1-4")

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