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Pre-Order FloorStand VarioLock QP (formerly FS-SB-TP-QP)
Product Description

Rolling mount adjustable in height and width. QuickPack with TelescopePole.

Our new FloorStand SitBack is a rolling mount adjustable in height and width. It is made to fit your recliner or any other seating furniture.


Swings in and out


adapts to any seatwidth The adjustable width from 24“ to 44“ makes the bars stand very closely to your seating furniture which provides freedom for the footwell area, especially for persons attending.


Weights only 20 lbs!

Rollable upright mount for the positioning of electronic communication devices. Low ground clearance for positioning devices, especially EyeControlled devices over beds, sofas, recliners or wheelchairs. Adjustable height from approximately 20 to 60 inches. Light weight with very good stability.

FloorStand VarioLock QP (formerly FS-SB-TP-QP)

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