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Kapsys - Smart Vision 2

SmartVision 2 - Smartphone Android 6.0 - dedicated to the visually impaired

Large and clear display

Voice command and Voice recognition

Optical character recognition

Touchscreen and Keypad

Vocalized user interface

Internet base remote Assistance mode

Advanced technology with an Android 6.0 operation system, 4G compatible, 16GB internal memory expandable to 64GB

Quad Core processor

Communication:  Phone, SMS/MMS, Contacts, Email, Internet

Practical Applications: Dictaphone, Diary, Alarm, Calculator, Notes

Vision Aid: Color Detector and Announcer, Light Detector, NFS contactless technology

Support and Safety - Remote assistance mode

Teamviewer, Calls and emergency SMS geolocated via the SOS button

Entertainment: Music player, Camera, FM radio, Web radio

Download: Compatible with all Playstore applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc).

Kapsys - Smart Vision 2

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Model SmartVision2
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