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Out Of Stock Airex HERCULES Mat

Hercules – Strong in Hydrotherapy

With the AIREX Hercules therapy mat, there are no limits to the diversity of therapeutic individual or group exercises. It is used in particular when outstanding comfort is desired. This is guaranteed thanks to its thickness of 2.5 cm. Its high buoyancy makes it a favoured mat of therapists and patients in hydrotherapy.


  • Comfortable.  Soft, supple and cushioning insulating
  • Absorbing.  Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries
  • Long life span.  Hard-wearing material for many years of use
  • Hygienic.  Simple to clean Antimicrobial.  Sanitized finishing
  • Water repellant.  Closed cell foam.  No penetration of water or dirt
  • Multifunctional.  Versatile application.  Indoors, outdoors and in water
  • Slip-proof.  Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping
  • Flat placement.  No tripping thanks to flat placement on the floor
  • Conforms to CE.  High-quality materials, strict quality controls


78.7" × 39.4" × 1.0"  - Approx. 14.6 lbs

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